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The Country Life by Stephanie McQuaid

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I was born in Brockville, but I grew up in Mallorytown. Living in the country is really a different experience, even compared to the thriving metropolis that’s Brockville. I spent most of my childhood outside.

One of my favourite memories is of building forts in the woods. My brother and I would run out there and use wood and anything else we could find to build ourselves secret hideaways, only staying inside when the weather was really bad. In winter, after our father had plowed the driveway and the snow was in a giant pile, we’d build tunnels through it. Which is I guess dangerous, but I never thought of that as a kid. I just loved being outside.

It was different when I grew up. Now you can’t do it, but when I was a kid, I was four-wheeling and snowmobiling by the time I hit five.

Now, I live in Brockville. I went to St. Lawrence College here, and after graduation, got a job as one of the Student Success Facilitators. I really love my job and enjoy being here. Eventually, I do plan on moving further west, as my boyfriend lives and works in Niagara. I don’t mind the long-distance thing right now, but eventually I was us to be living in the same city. It’d be nice.

One of my favourite things to do now is to travel. I’ve been all over Canada and the US, exploring everything the continent has to offer. I also love music and festivals. Sometimes I combine my two loves and travel to special events and concerts. I’m actually heading to one in New York City in December.

Not that travelling started in adulthood. When I was a kid we used to travel out East every summer, which at the time I hated, but now I enjoy being out there. I love the water, both there and here, and would spend all day every day on it if I could. When it’s warm out of course. I’m already looking forward to the summer!

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