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Picnic to Find Paradise by Javiera and Ken

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We didn’t know about this area before we first visited here. If we hadn’t stopped on our way from Montreal to Oakville, I don’t know where we would have ended up. It started with our impromptu picnic beside the Rowing Club, giving us a chance to stretch our legs as well as enjoy the beautiful weather of the day. Everywhere we looked was full of wonderful blues and greens, everything peaceful. It was just the kind of place we’d always wanted to be. We’d always wanted to row, had been planning on moving to Ontario, and everything here was so picturesque. With that in mind, we actually looked at houses. Three months later and we were living in Brockville. That was five years ago.

Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming since we arrived, lots of smiles here. We live downtown so we get to live in the heart of things and are close to the river, which is great since we try to get out most mornings to row. This is a great place to live and such a safe community.

While we didn’t know anyone when we first arrived, that’s certainly changed! It helps we’ve been at the Brockville Farmer’s Market for four years now. I was even surprised that some of our closest friends started as customers as it’s not something I expected to have happen. It’s been great introducing Chilean food to the people here, a lot of people really love it!

We really love our life here and everything that we’ve gotten involved with since arriving. Ken’s in a band called the Silver Tones and they’ve been booked solid and really enjoying sharing their music with others. This October we’re even getting married after eleven years together, and we can’t wait to have our family celebrate with us. I’m glad we stopped for that picnic five years ago, because Brockville really feels like home now.

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