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My Life in Merrickville: Live, Chill, and Enjoy by Ciel

My name is Ciel. I am from China and I am a grade 12 student at Fulford Preparatory College. This year is my second year living in Merrickville. Now it is the fall in Canada. I love those maple leaves that have been falling on the ground. I like our small, lovely and tight community. I am obsessed with the view in Merrickville at night. The sky in Merrickville is so clean and bright that I can see every star and constellation. It is so “chill” to live in Merrickville. It is also cheerful to live in Merrickville. There is always an event going on in the town. It is so much different than living back home. My hometown, Shanghai, is a crowded city, not like here. I prefer to live in Merrickville. It is such a suitable place for enjoying your life.

We have such a cute community. We are so kind to each other, and we familiar with each other. We say “Hi” to each other, just like we are friends that have been with each other for ten years.

I came here for finishing my grade 11 and my grade 12. I fell in love with the town that I am living in. When it was the Jazz Festival, I enjoyed walking on the street and listening to different jazz instruments. When Christmas came, I saw a lot of various events going on up and down the road. When Halloween came, kids came to our school and asked for candies. Living in Merrickville can make people feel calm and peaceful. To those who have lived in a big city your whole life; it is time to switch your lifestyle.

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