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Melissa: Refugees for Brockville

1. How long have you been involved with Refugees for Brockville?

I was one of the founding members when it was established by City of Brockville Mayor David L. Henderson in 2015. Being Program Manager of the St. Lawrence – Rideau Immigration Partnership as well lends itself perfectly to Refugees for Brockville as the mandates and partners for each group are quite similar.

2. What is the most meaningful thing you have learned by being involved with Refugees for Brockville?

Being involved with Refugees for Brockville has been eye-opening. I have learned from our local newcomer refugees that being a refugee is probably one of the most challenging life situations a person could endure. It involves courage, optimism and work ethic at levels that many of us can’t imagine. I have also learned about the Brockville community. The love, support and genuine compassion that individuals, groups and businesses have shown for local newcomer refugees has been enormous.

3. What would you like people to know about Refugees for Brockville?

Refugees for Brockville is here to support potential and existing refugee sponsor groups to sponsor and settle newcomer refugees from around the world. If you are an individual or group who is interested in this experience, please contact us. We can assist with advice on forming a group and the sponsorship process in addition to providing limited funding upon application and approval. Refugees for Brockville works with a number of agencies in the area to support inclusive communities that welcome people from all backgrounds. You can see us at Downtown Brockville events, YMCA Community Lunches and the annual picnic hosted by the Brockville Muslim Community. You can also check out our website at:

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