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Homeward Bound by Loretta Corbeil

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I’m something of a nomad. I enjoy moving and exploring new places. I was born in Toronto, and currently live in Brockville, but I have lived in 4 countries, 4 provinces, and 8 cities. I settled here to be closer to my kids, and in the process, came to work at the Employment + Education Centre’s Homeward Bound.

I feel strongly about Homeward Bound – a comprehensive program to support and assist single mothers, with the ultimate goal of economic self-sufficiency. I remember the struggles with my own children, and I had my husband as back-up. I couldn’t imagine doing it on my own. But I see people do just that, and I have nothing but respect for these moms. They are working hard to build a better life for themselves and their children.

To showcase their struggles as well as to raise money for our scholarship fund, we’re holding a Tough Mother & Friends event this Saturday. People will have to race while contending with the obstacles single parents’ face, like bath time, daycare, and having time to themselves. The event also hits close to home with me, as I was a working mom with three young children. I don’t know how I’d have managed on my own. But that’s why we’ve set up this fundraiser and I’m excited to see how the event is going to turn out, as it’s new for us!

I love working with Homeward Bound. Both because I get to work with dedicated and caring staff at the Employment + Education Centre and I meet so many great people.

Brockville is a lovely small city with such history. I love being close to the river and the proximity to water. I am happy to be close to my children and grandchildren. There is really something to be said about the relationships that can be built in small places as we really are all neighbours.

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