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Close to Everything by Atul Nagar

I first left India in 2013, when I went to the US to do my Masters at the University of Texas in Dallas. I graduated in 2015 and started working for Prysmian. I was there for over two years before I started looking into a potential transfer to Canada, as Canada seemed like a better option for immigration.

My family and I were originally going to move in early 2017, but kept debating whether we wanted to or not. In the end, we took the plunge in September of that year, and we couldn’t be happier that we did. We were able to get permanent residency, and while our journey hasn’t been without its complications, it’s been great overall.

I love this area. My wife and I run a lot, and we love the Brock Trail and heading down around Blockhouse Island. We love the waterfront so much, in summer we eat down there almost every nice day. It’s beautiful.

Everything here is so accessible. We have big box stores, great schools, and everything’s only a few minutes by car away. There’s no traffic the way we used to have in the city. One thing I was surprised about here in Canada, is the variety of food you have, even in a place the size of Brockville. When I used to live in the US, even in the big city I’d have to go to a specialized Indian grocery store to find things I need. Here, I can just go to Superstore or Food Basics and they have it. It’s so convenient!

Originally, I tried to move us to Ottawa, but that didn’t work out. And I’m glad it didn’t. The housing here is affordable, the schools are great with good teacher-student ratios, and we’re close to the provincial and national borders! Eventually we may have to move for work, but I think Brockville might just be the best place we’ll have ever lived.

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