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Spicy Thai Soup by Melissa

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I have always loved to travel, and with that comes an adoration for food from other countries and cultures. I’ve enjoyed homemade rice, beans and salsa on a Mexican goat farm, warm banana beer in the middle of a Tanzanian forest, dusty Australian Outback road-side sandwiches filled with beet root, chips, and sweet chili sauce, Zimbabwean oxtail and sadza with tomato relish, and more. Remembering these foods brings back such great travel memories!

In addition to sparking memories, food also brings people together, nourishes us, and it is an integral part of many cultures. It’s also incredibly fun to prepare! There are so many different flavours, colours, textures, and ingredients to play with - it’s impossible to be bored in the kitchen when you are cooking recipes from around the world. Even though I have yet to travel to Thailand (it’s on my list!), Thai food has always been a favourite of mine. Whenever I can, I am cooking Thai food and eating at Thai restaurants.

I have been making this soup for years and I rarely use a recipe now – the ingredients change slightly depending on what flavours I’m craving most. It’s a very warming soup loaded with amazing ingredients like coconut milk, lime, red curry paste, and cilantro. I eat it all winter long, normally curled up on the couch after an evening yoga class, dreaming of Thai beaches.

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