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Ontario Gold Barbecue Sauce by Michael

My name is Michael Fincher and I’m a chef originally from Cairo Georgia. I moved to Canada from New York about 15 years ago and I quickly noticed some similarities between here and the South. The most notable is BBQ.

In the South various regions use widely different styles of BBQ sauce many of which would seem foreign up here with the general use of generic tomato based sauces. I thought it would be neat to create a sauce unique to this area that reflects what locals would have used back in the genesis days of Barbecuing. Since Canada is known for its maple syrup and is by far the largest producer of mustard seed in the world I decided to make a maple mustard BBQ sauce inspired by the sauces of the Carolina Lowcountry. It has been a hit in my cooking classes and I plan on making it a work in progress. I’m currently working on Ontario Gold 2.0 which utilizes whole mustard seed instead of prepared mustard. I came up with this idea after realizing Canada doesn’t produce a lot of prepared mustard it just produces a lot of mustard seed. If you have mustard whether it’s a fancy French Dijon or hearty English style it was probably made with Canadian mustard seeds.

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