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My Story in Canada by Oscar Jin

My name is Boxiang, and I came from China to study at Fulford Preparatory College. When I first came to Canada, I fell in love with the country. The traffic is way better than what it is in China. All the places I go are natural, and I see lots of wild animals running everywhere. The fresh air smells fragrantly.

When my mum asked me where I want to go to study, I said “Canada, absolutely.” I got an offer from the GTA area, but I always wanted to feel the real Canadian culture life, so I chose Fulford Preparatory College. It is a small school in a small town. Because it is a such small place, people know each other very well. All the people in Merrickville are friendly. There is even a Chinese Restaurant where I can talk with the owner about everything happening; there is a lake nearby, when I feel depressed, I usually go there and sit for hours; there is a small hill where I can go with my loved ones to see the sunrise and sunset.

This is my starting point in Canada. Lots of people helped me in my first year, especially teachers who made the school like a family. Even when bad things happened, I believe it is an experience I needed to have; a problem I needed to go through. It is always tough when you came to a new country. I made it through, and I became stronger. Now I have new loved ones, and also my good marks. This is a good place for me. It made me became polite, strong and independent.

I love it here.

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