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Merrickville by Night by Allen Wu

My name is Allen and I am from China. I am studying at Fulford Preparatory College and improving my English. My own real story about an experience in Merrickville is a little creepy, and it is about my night wandering in the woodlands.

About 2 weeks ago, I went walking with friends to the forest. Although my family told me not to go into the forest in the evening, I still wanted to go and have a look, because I wanted to satisfy my curiosity. On the way to the woodland, I was a little frightened, because my family told me the most dangerous thing in the forest is not wild animals. If you meet them, you can scare them away with light and stones. Also, the animals are more scared of humans than humans are of them. They reminded me many times that the ghosts in the forest may come out in the evening and there were several kinds of creatures that we don’t know about. I still remembered what my grandparents showed me and told me about their story in the deep forest in their hometown. They saw a creature that stood with 2 long and furry legs. The whole body was full of long dark brown hair. They said their neighbor was bitten by the unknown creature and there remained a big scar on his right arm. This kind of creature was usually a monkey, which ate or killed many living animals, included humans. I didn’t know whether the tale was true, but I made sure that I prepared well before going out that night.

At first, the path in the forest was dark, although we turned on the flashlight. When we got to the top of the hill, I noticed a noise from the bush in the distance. I told my friends to shut up and listen. They said it was just wind and I worried too much. I kept noticing the noise and didn’t turn on the light, in case it made the unknown thing angry. When the noise approached the top of the hill, we all panicked. The noise was loud, just like a big animal, such as wolf or bear, as it went through the bush. We rushed to flee away from the hill, then we turned on the light to look for the unknown thing. We only saw a black shadow running quickly and vanishing in the bush.

On my way back to the school, a black shadow appeared in the left side forest and it seemed to discover us and fled away quickly in my horizon. The view of its back was not too tall, only about 3-4 feet, but it was powerful and mysterious.

Since then, I never went to the woodland at night anymore, and I wonder if the thing I saw might be the demon in mountain (one kind of mandrill in the tale, many people believe it existed before, but it became extinct for some reasons)? The morale of my story is to be careful when out in the dark woods at night.

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