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Meet Wouter: A Laidback Country

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

1. How do you like your job/business?

I enjoy my work, absolutely

2. How is working different in Canada compared to where you were born?

I find Canada to operate with a bit more difficulties when running my kind of business. I find punctuality is sometimes lacking in Canada, but I’m not going back.

3. What strengths/weaknesses do you find in the Canadian workplace?

Canada has a more laidback attitude, which is a double-sided thing. It’s less stress, but that stress like I experienced in the Netherlands, would have things coming more timely people following up more

4. What has been your favourite job?

This one, W Jewellery.

5. How have you had to adapt to working in Canada?

I didn’t feel I had to adapt much, just had to strengthen my technical vocabulary in English. There are a lot of specific terms I my field that aren’t used outside of it, and that you don’t translate normally.

6. How did you find your job/start your business?

On the side while doing a full time job, in my basement

7. What do you think is most important for people to know/think about when working with immigrants?

The language side of things I think. I was fortunate that I already spoke really good English, so the transition was easy, and the Canada and the Netherlands aren’t too different.

8. What supports do you know about that can help with finding jobs, starting businesses, or preparing for work?

I know about the Employment+Education Centre, Leeds and Grenville Small Business Centre, Leeds and 1000 Islands Community Development Corporation.

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