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Fish and Family by Alice Sirmas

I first came to Brockville when I was thirteen. I came over with my mother and brother from Greece, and we came here because we already had family living in town. When we first arrived I started at Commonwealth and eventually ended up at BCI. Back then, we didn’t get to choose our schools, it was based on where you lived.

My sister and brother-in-law’s business when we first arrived was Manoll’s Fish and Chips. I worked there for six years, starting right from when I was thirteen.

After Manoll’s my husband and my brother bought Steve’s Fish and Chips, and I started working there when I was nineteen. At the time, business was booming! There were a lot of manufacturing plants, and we would get people coming even from Phillip’s Cables for food. Things have changed a lot over the years. Too many new food places added, and too few new jobs but we are still ok!

Working at Steve’s, it’s kind of funny how many people will remember you even years later. I’ve had young people who moved away for years and came back be surprised we’re still here, and that it’s still us running the shop. But Steve’s is a mom and pop shop. And that also means everyone tells you everything while they’re waiting for their food. I swear, we know everything that’s going on in town because of it. It’s like being a bartender.

Though we mostly talk about dogs and the grandchildren these days. We’re really lucky to have two great sons and now three wonderful granddaughters. They certainly keep me busy!

We’ve made a lot of friends since arriving, and at times, I think we know the whole town. And Brockville itself is great. We love how we’re close to everything. I’m really glad we came here.

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