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Being Canadian by Marianne Emig Carr

I came to Canada in 1987, when I became engaged to my first husband. He lived in Toronto, so I moved there, where I lived for 18 years before moving to Leeds and Grenville.

When my first husband passed away untimely, I relied, not on my own strength, but God’s grace and the love and support of my family and friends. As tragic as it was, this event was what began the process towards my being called to ordained ministry. Before that, I practiced law at General Motors for 20 years.

While I very much enjoyed life in Toronto, when I came to Leeds and Grenville, I felt like I had come home. My neighbours are all the people I have met and continue to meet in our community. I am so often impressed with their warmth and compassion. The way our community has responded so generously to the refugee crisis is a wonderful example of this.

This area is different because you can experience the amenities of major urban centres like Kingston, Ottawa, and Montreal, yet you are able to enjoy the peace and beauty of rural life close by. What I found most surprising about this area is the variety of communities and experiences available in Leeds and Grenville. From the arts, music and theatre, the numerous historical sites, freshwater activities on the many lakes and the St. Lawrence River, and cultural diversity, all contribute to make Leeds and Grenville a very special place.

Since being here, I’ve found that being Canadian means that you are valued for who you are and encouraged to share your talents and experiences to enhance Canadian society and culture. I love this country and this region I call home.

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