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Beef and Green Peppers by Curtis

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Beef and Green Peppers is the first recipe I learned to make. I did cook before, but it was mostly from a box or throwing meat on the grill. I hadn’t ever really followed a recipe until I got this one from my mom. It was one of my favourites growing up, and one I still love today.

Years later, I still make this recipe a lot, but I’ve also learned some others. Not all of them have turned out, I learned the hard way you have to drain the can of tomatoes before using them in some recipes, but I’m learning all the time. One day I even want to try baking something (especially if I can get my mom’s recipe for banana muffins with maple icing!)

Cooking is something that’s an important for any adult and something I’m going to make sure my daughter knows before she leaves home. I wish I’d learned to cook earlier than when I did, but I’m making up for that now, and will keep getting better at as I go.

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