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Alvin: Beauty and Peace

Updated: May 31, 2022

Hi, My name’s Alvin Mugume

I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

I came to Canada in 2019

And I live in Brockville Ontario.

I would like to know more about Canada, but I don’t know more about it because I came when COVID-19 was starting to spread but the only thing I found out that it is a beautiful country and has a peace and that’s what I wanted.

I miss the African weather, food and to go in the animal parks to see the lions, elephants, gorillas, etc.

The community I live with or neighborhood they are good people

The things surprised me here is to see how the snow was falling down and it’s beautiful, but the worst thing is you can’t hang out with your friends like before, and in my country we just wear sweater for fashion or when it feels a bit cold. That’s the difference and here in summertime there’s humidity, and it’s really difficult to me because back there it’s only dry heat. What if I tell you something funny that happened to me last Tuesday “I was at work and the humidity rose up and the way I can’t imagine around 3pm and I was feeling like burning and my coworker came to me and said hi man, did you have a fight, then I say no and he asked me again why is your lip so big? I went to bathroom when I was touching it and it was like opening the wound.

And the most important thing I like is to be here and I would like to give my appreciation to the people who help me to come here to Canada. The Presbyterian church was there for me, and they are still.

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