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Almond Green Bean by Lauren

I chose Almond Green Beans (as they’re known in my family, though properly they’re called Green Beans Almandine) as it was one of the things I made during the first big dinner I ever made for people outside of my family. And while it turned out in the end, I learned some important lessons while making it that first time.

I was in third year of university when I decided to make a full roast beef dinner for myself and my roommates. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and of course, almond green beans. Everything went well up until I went to melt the butter. Which, in my infinite wisdom, thought our plastic measuring cup would be the perfect place to do that. I mean, it’d worked when I melted chocolate chips, so butter would be the same right?

Yeah…The whole apartment smelled like melted plastic and we had to open all the windows for the next half hour just to get rid of some of the smell. I’m sure people down the hall could smell it. In the end, I switched to a glass container and it turned out alright. But I’ve never forgotten the lesson of not melting butter in plastic.

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