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Why I Love Brockville by Kashif Riaz

I came to Canada from Pakistan, choosing this country due to the good immigration policy as well as the friendly Canadian people. This was also the right country to start my computer retail business. Since moving to Canada, and Brockville specifically, I’ve found everyone so welcoming and friendly.

I think Brockville is the best town. I love the St. Lawrence River, the beaches, and all the wonderful nature that surrounds us here. But the best are the people. Everyone here is very accommodating and welcoming. It makes it hard for me to imagine living anywhere else.

Brockville is also ideally situated between big cities like Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto, so you can drive to any of them. We’re also near two border crossings into the US, so that visiting down South is easy.

If you’re new to Brockville, there are a lot of things to do and ways to get involved with the community! There are sports and different activities for adults and for kids of all ages throughout the year. Things like hockey, soccer, baseball, swimming, curling, volunteering, knitting, outdoor movies, and different festivals and special events. Brockville is a great place to live, and an even better place to raise a family.

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