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College in Canada by Rajpreet Kaur

I first came to Canada this summer. I had never been to Canada before, and was excited. Though I didn’t know where Brockville was. When I first got my acceptance to St. Lawrence College, I didn’t even know that Brockville was a place in Canada.

But since coming here, I found I like living in Brockville. Everyone has been so welcoming. Everywhere we go, we see people smiling and they smile at us too. The staff members at St. Lawrence College are also very friendly and helpful. They’ve done so much for us since we’ve been here.

I have explored a bit of Brockville. I love the river and the Brockville Tunnel. There have been things to get used to. The food here is very different than what I had at home. Dressing is also very different, and the rules are different. I am still learning about these things.

It’s been getting colder, and I’ve now seen snow for the first time. I’m not sure I like it. It’s very icy out and cold. I’ve never felt such cold before. But there is also a lot of nature in Canada. There are animals and birds everywhere, and so much wild space. I like that.

I am very happy that I got accepted to St. Lawrence College and was able to come to Canada!

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