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2022 Campaign

We Are Neighbours:
Diversity in Business

The theme for this year's We Are Neighbours campaign is Leeds and Grenville business, employment, and labour through the immigrant lens. Our focus is on immigrant employees, employers, and entrepreneurs. We'd also like to hear from service providers who hire, support, or anyone who is connected with local newcomers in an employment or business setting.

Sharing your experiences will help showcase this region, the people who live here, and how immigrants enrich their communities.  Your stories will be shared on this website, Facebook and local media sources.  


Here are the ways you can share your story:

You can submit a completed story directly to us, and we'll ask for any additional information/images that we need.

You can be interviewed via phone, email, Zoom, or in-person and have a story crafted from that, or used in the interview style if you prefer. All stories will be given to the participants to review before being published.

You can suggest an alternative method if you have an idea you'd prefer. We're always open to new ideas and formats!


Please contact Lauren if you would like to participate or have questions:



Phone:  613-213-4455

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We Want Your Story!

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